17-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Smothering Infant While Mom Was Steps Away

A 17-year-old girl has been charged with smothering her infant girl as soon as she was born. The baby had barely taken her first few breaths when the teen, worried the newborn would cry and alert her mother, put a towel over her face and killed her. The teen reportedly told police she was scared that her mother would find out she was pregnant.


The teen, Jessica Lynn Brewster of Muskegon, Michigan, allegedly told detectives that as soon as she gave birth in the bathroom of her family's home, she placed a towel over the infant's face to keep her quiet when she heard her mother's footsteps approaching.

No matter how many times you hear a story like this, it still boggles the mind. How does a young woman manage to not only conceal a pregnancy for nine months, but also give birth in the bathroom without making a peep? And with her mom right outside? And then how does she actually bring herself to kill the child that has developed inside of her?

It's horrible to think she couldn't tell her mother what was happening. Was she worried her mom would be disappointed? Punish her? What punishment could have possibly been worse than what she felt she had to do to the baby? Perhaps she was worried if she told, she would be abandoned, have nowhere to live?

Stories like this really make you feel for the women who at least abandon their babies who are still alive.

Brewster allegedly told detectives that after the baby stopped breathing, she put her body in a plastic bag and brought it to a senior center where her grandmother lived. There, she buried the baby in a shallow grave.

How does she even sneak an infant out of the house? So many questions.

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A janitor later found the half-buried body and called police. Police reportedly tracked down Brewster because people in the area said that one of the center's resident's granddaughters might be pregnant. So how did random people know she was pregnant?

So sad. Such a good reminder to tell your children that they can tell you anything, that you will always love them no matter what.


Image via Muskegon County Jail

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