Woman Arrested After Husband Finds Sickening Photos on Her Cellphone (VIDEO)

An Albuquerque, New Mexico, woman has been accused of the unspeakable -- taking pictures of herself performing sex acts on a 7-year-old boy. She then allegedly emailed them to a man she met online, whom she called "the caretaker." The shocking photos were reportedly discovered by Gwen Lindgren's estranged husband, who went through her phone and was horrified to see pics of her with the young boy. He then called police.


It's unclear exactly how Lindgren knew the boy, but it appears they lived in the same neighborhood. Other mothers in the area said that the little boy seemed neglected and was always alone, so they took over watching him as much as they could. In May, they called child protective services repeatedly. However, nothing happened as a result of those calls.

It was in September that Lindgren allegedly took the photos of her with the boy. Her husband, who told police he was in the process of divorcing Lindgren, found the photos recently. It's a good thing he decided to look through her phone, though who knows why he did given that the pair were separated.

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The husband, however, had a strange bit of information: He told police that a year ago, his wife had admitted to having sex with a boy. But because they were both very drunk, he dismissed the confession. Wow. I don't care how drunk you get, booze does not normally cause people to admit to pedophilia for no reason. (It's unclear if she was referring to the boy in question or someone else!)

Unfortunately, despite Lindgren's drunken confession and the neighborhood moms calling the authorities about the boy, Lindgren was still allegedly able to get ahold of him.

Reportedly, she blamed a man she met over the Internet whom she called "the caretaker." She said the man was helping her through her marital problems, and she also told police that she couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't sexually assault the child again if the "caretaker" asked her to do it.

This seems to be a theme going on now: Men somehow getting women they meet online to perform criminal sex acts with children. How messed up do you have to be to agree to do something so twisted for someone you only know online? Sounds like a pathetic excuse.

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Let's just be glad the husband found the photos and these alleged acts were stopped before they got any worse. And let's hope someone, somewhere, now gives this little boy the love and care he needs!

Image via KOAT

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