Teen Brother & Sister Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Girl for Revenge

Every once in awhile you hear a story that is so horrific, you just pray somehow it isn't true -- that someone made it up to sell newspapers. But unfortunately this is true. A teen brother and sister have been convicted of the rape of a 15-year-old girl. The teen sister, 19-year-old Aliyah Weekes of London, England, received four-and-a-half years in prison for forcing the younger girl to perform a sex act on her brother as revenge for talking about her.


Aliyah believed that the younger girl had "snitched" on her to police, so she ambushed her and, with the help of another teen girl, forced her into an alleyway and made her perform the sex act on her brother, Lacquan, who is 18. She was helped by a 16-year-old girl.

Once the girl who was raped managed to run home, police were waiting, as her mother had called them when the girl didn't show up after school. She told them what had happened. When police confronted Lacquan, he tried to claim that the two of them were dating and that the sex act was consensual.

Aliyah reportedly eventually admitted taking part in the rape as revenge.

Ugh, it's astonishing to me that girls can be so cruel to other girls. And it's horrific what young people have to worry about these days!

The judge gave the 16-year-old involved in the attack no prison time because of her difficult childhood. You have to wonder about Aliyah and Lacquan's childhood too -- where did they learn these evil behaviors? Or are they sociopaths who were born cruel and without conscience?

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It's so heartbreaking and infuriating to know that teens can be this callous this young. And to think these two will be out of prison while still in their 20s. Scary thought indeed.


Image via Metropolitan Police

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