Parents Desperately Search for 12-Year-Old Daughter Who Vanished on Way to School (VIDEO)

missing, jasmine leighlin bakerAt what age should you allow your child to walk to school? It's a question most parents in this country have to ask themselves at some point. By the time our kids hit middle-school age, we usually breathe a sigh of relief, feeling that they are ready. Though, cases like that of missing Jasmine Leighlin Baker of Perry Hall, Maryland, makes us question whether any child is safe at any age. The 12-year-old disappeared on the half-mile trek to school on Tuesday.


Frighteningly, her parents didn't know she had gone missing until she failed to return that afternoon. The school never alerted them that the sixth grader didn't show up for class at Perry Hall Middle School.

Around 3 p.m., her mother began to worry and she called the office. That is when she got the fright of her life -- Jasmine never arrived. She had been absent the entire day. That began a terrorizing mystery for her family. Her father Robert told the press that everything seemed normal when she walked out of their home that morning. "She just left for school, everything was fine," he said. "She said goodbye to her mother, told her she loved her -- and never made it to school."

It sounds like every parent's worst nightmare. Sadly, there are so many horror stories these days. It seems that our children can face danger at every turn -- even on what should be a simple and safe walk to school. But their worry is also laced with anger at the school. "It would really be nice to know sooner rather than later," her mom Tina said. "I found out that my child was absent from school because she didn't come home from school."

Now everyone is on a desperate search for Jasmine, praying for her safe return. Police and the FBI are investigating the disappearance but right now seem unsure whether or not it was an actual abduction. Anyone with information is asked to call the Baltimore FBI at 410-265-8080 or the Baltimore County Police Department at 410-307-2020.

What do you think could have happened to Jasmine?


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