Mom Who Pimped Out Teen Daughter Gave Her 'Motherly Advice'

A mom who admitted to police that she traveled with her 15-year-old daughter from Florida to New York during last year's Super Bowl to pimp her out didn't just stop there. She also reportedly "helped" out her teen in countless other ways, including giving her "motherly advice" and providing her with condoms.

Yolanda Ostoloza, 39, faced a judge Wednesday and had quite a bit of explaining to do. When she was accused by a prosecutor of traveling up the East Coast for the "sole purpose of making money" off her little girl, additional details came to light about just how involved mom was in this disgusting and abusive scheme.


Ostoloza was reportedly having trouble paying her rent and, I'm guessing, decided it was worth compromising her daughter's self-respect, health, and, oh, entire LIFE so that she could bank a few bucks. After it came out that this mom reportedly allowed her daughter to bring home guys and smoke pot, it was also discovered that her defense when she got caught letting her have sex with random strangers for money was "I thought my daughter was just going to do the fetish stuff."

In court, an attorney reportedly chastised Ostoloza for actually giving her child advice on how to get pimped out the "right" way and for providing her with condoms and warning her to be "careful" and "use protection." It has also been revealed that the girl's mom reportedly sent her out on a "date" with a client and even provided a price list for various sex acts.

Ostoloza's attorney defended her by saying that, although she had discussions with a pimp who has been identified as suspect Damon Hayes, she planned to send her daughter to her father's house in New Jersey. So, let me get this straight: she contemplated selling her kid's body, thought twice about it, but then said, Oh, what the hell, let me sell my kid's body anyway -- that's all she has to say for herself?

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Thank goodness police found the girl, who nervously told them her pimp was waiting downstairs for her and that her mom was waiting in another hotel, before something truly horrific happened to her. If she is found guilty, Ostoloza deserves every second of the 15 years in prison she faces.

Assuming she is guilty, how do you think this mom justified to herself that it was okay to pimp out her teen daughter?


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