Daycare Worker Arrested After She's Caught Kicking Child (VIDEO)

day care worker chargedMom Kimberly Johnson went to pick up her twin 20-month-old boys Ayden and Jayden Reese from Kids R Kids Day Care in Riverdale, Georgia. Johnson also works at the day care, but her kids are in the class with teacher Alexis Wilson-Britten. Something didn't seem right with her children and so she asked Wilson-Britten, 22, if something had happened. She told the twins' mom that the kids were upset because they left the playground early that day. But later that night at home, Ayden began holding his arm as if it was hurt. A doctor's visit showed the toddler's arm was fractured and then videotape at the day care showed something even worse. 


When Mom Kimberly told the teacher of Ayden's fractured arm, Wilson-Britten told her that he had fallen on the playground that day. It's odd she didn't mention the playground fall when she was asked why Ayden was upset at pickup -- she only mentioned that he was upset that he couldn't play outside more. Kimberly then went to the managers at Kids R Kids and they watched videotape of the day. While they aren't sure exactly what happened with Ayden's arm, they did see Jayden, Ayden's twin brother, being kicked in the neck by Wilson-Britten when he was walking over to her with a toy in his hand.

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I cannot imagine the mix of worry, anger, and fear that must have run through that mother's mind. It's so upsetting to see. This is the same daycare that she works for -- the woman who kicked her son is her co-worker and the person she trusted to care for her babies. What's worse is that it was revealed that Wilson-Britten was scheduled to be fired that day. Kids R Kids owner Robert Phelps said that Wilson-Britten had taped a pacifier to another baby's mouth to stop her from crying.

I'm not sure why she wasn't fired right away. Protocol? Why did she have a chance to do harm to more children when she was caught doing wrong?

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Wilson-Britten, who reportedly has no prior record, was arrested and charged with simple battery. The Johnson Reese family is looking into legal action. It's sickening that people hurt children -- people who are trusted to take care of others.

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Image via Riverdale Police

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