Brave Mom Feels Sorry for Gunman Who Held Her Hostage (VIDEO)

A mother of two who was held hostage for four hours at her workplace has forgiven the man who did it -- in fact, she feels sorry for him. And you know what? We all should. At least, if his story pans out. Devin Rogers shot his way into a Norman, Oklahoma, law firm and took several people inside hostage. He gradually released everyone except mom of two Jennifer Shokat. While Shokat was terrified, she also was able to show compassion for the man -- a 29-year-old veteran who says he served in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Rogers told Shokat that he would not harm her. Trying to get him to "like" her so that she would be safe, the mom decided to keep engaging the gunman in conversation. What he told her is sad and shocking.

The man says he was highly decorated Marine, but when he came back to the US, he could not find any work that would pay him above minimum wage. He decided he would rather be in prison than have an existence where he had "no value to society" and decided to take people hostage. He chose the law firm at random because he saw cars in the parking lot.

Shokat says that Rogers was so polite, he even asked her permission before smoking a cigarette. Eventually, she helped negotiate Rogers' surrender and he was arrested on various charges, including kidnapping.

Shokat says that Rogers was not a "psychopath" and just a man who "snapped" and she hopes he gets the help he needs.

It's unclear if Rogers' story has been verified and if he really did serve our country, but if so, this is a sad tale of what America has become. That someone should serve their country and come back and be unable to find anything but the most soul-sucking, low-paying work is abominable. In fact, it's pretty abominable that this is the type of work millions of Americans can only find: Long hours, little pay, no health insurance. Meanwhile, the CEOs of these corporations are filthy rich. And we wonder why people are going crazy and shooting up places?

Rogers does need to pay for his crime. There are plenty of other people in his position who did not choose to put people in danger. Plus, Rogers may have been polite, but he also shot up a glass door and terrified people. There are other ways he could have chosen to feel valuable to society -- what about volunteer work?

But that said, you can't help but feel compassion for this man and everyone else in his position. My dream ending for this man would be that a Hollywood producer buys the rights to this story and hires Rogers as a consultant on the film!

Do you feel sorry for him?

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Image via Oklahoma Police

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