Pregnant Mom Arrested After Brutal Torture of 3-Year-Old Son

This is so incredibly disturbing and heartbreaking. A pregnant mom has been accused of whipping her toddler son to death with a belt and electrical cord. She allegedly whipped him more than 100 times all over his little body. During the beating, he allegedly suffered a chipped tooth and a wound that exposed the muscle in his arm. He also reportedly had chunks of hair missing. Though he was unresponsive after the beating, the mother, Tylesha Griffin, allegedly didn't call 911 for three hours.


Donnell also reportedly had burn marks on his body and ligature marks on his wrist that showed he may have been bound. Just horrific. How does anyone do this to a child?

Reportedly, Griffin, of Chicago, Illinois, and her boyfriend left the 3-year-old boy, Donnell, in the care of relatives while they visited the man's parole officer. When they returned home, they said they found him unresponsive, but tucked him into bed and didn't bother to call 911 until three hours later.

But the wounds on Donnell's little body were quite evident, and when questioned about them, Griffin reportedly admitted that the boy was occasionally disciplined with a belt. If the 100 lash marks are true, that is far more than discipline, it's pure torture.

While some people think whipping a toddler is fine (ask Adrian Peterson), I have to disagree. I just don't see why whipping a child is ever a viable option for discipline. But whipping this many times is just horrific.

Scarily, the little boy not only had two siblings, who have been taken into custody, but also Griffin is reportedly pregnant. She had apparently been investigated in 2011 for child neglect, but obviously this did not help Donnell.

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Let's hope the baby Griffin is carrying never has to experience anything like poor little Donnell did. He deserved so much better than this.


Image via Chicago Police Dept.

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