Criminals Targeting Moms With Strollers Are the Lowest Thieves of All Time

pickpocketThere is yet another thing moms need to worry about. It looks like criminals are on the lookout for parents pushing strollers. The reason? These mothers are easy marks and prime for pickpocketing.


Husband and wife duo Luis Chango and Rosa Jerez are accused of more than a dozen thefts, and all the victims were moms pushing strollers and, in one case, a baby. They actually snatched an iPhone out of the hands of a crying child. Talk about heartless.

The pair had a well-orchestrated plan. They targeted stores that were popular destinations for parents, including Carter's Children Store, The Gap, and Old Navy. In some instances, one of them would distract the mom by sparking a conversation and stepping in between her and the stroller. This swift move would shield the accomplice as he swiped whatever he could get his hands on.

Shame on them for targeting these surely harried and tired parents. We all remember what it was like schlepping our baby to the store, trying to get all our shopping done before a whimper or cry signified a required feeding or diaper change. I can't even count how many times I looked away from my handbag or diaper bag to look at something or pick up an item. I'm just grateful this didn't happen to me because it easily could have.

Now Chango and Jerez have been arraigned on grand larceny and child endangerment. Both have been released on bail awaiting trial. This entire situation should serve as a deterrent -- not just to would-be pickpockets, but to moms as well. Sadly, there are far too many unscrupulous people in this world, and we need to pay attention to everyone around us at all times.

Have you ever been the victim of a pickpocket?


Image © Arno Burgi/dpa/Corbis

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