Teen Charged With Dumping Dozens of Guinea Pig Pets in Drainage Ditch

A 19-year-old girl from Oregon has been charged with animal neglect and abandonment after she allegedly dumped dozens of guinea pigs in a drainage ditch in Beaverton and left them for dead.

Cecilia Diaz must not have thought very long and hard -- or else assumed she could handle running a business -- when she reportedly purchased a slew of guinea pigs from a California breeder with the alleged plan of turning around and selling them online as "snake bait." But when the responsibility proved too much for her, she did a horrific thing and simply abandoned them to fend for themselves.


Diaz isn't the first and won't be the last to leave an animal -- or, in her case, at least 30 animals, out in the real world to live or die after unsuccessfully attempting to care for them. But she is one of few people to get caught doing this -- thanks to the fact that she reportedly left ear tags attached to a few of the guinea pigs.

The animals, which included babies, were reportedly found by a jogger after they had been left outside in the wet grass. Thirty guinea pigs in total were found -- three of which died.

The other animals are currently under the care of Southwest Animal Hospital, and they will eventually be put up for adoption.

As for Diaz, what was she thinking? Why was it easier to dump these animals outside rather than take them to an animal shelter, where at least they have a chance of being adopted by a loving family?

What consequence do you think Diaz should face for abandoning the guinea pigs?


Image via Washington County Sheriff's Office

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