Man Caught on Camera Watching Woman Die & Then Doing Something Despicable (VIDEO)

A woman was hit by a subway car in Boston and police say hoardes of people ran over to see if she was okay. That's why we humans have come so far -- we do actually care about each other most of the time. Well, most of us do. Then there's those different ones. They walk amongst us, and look just like us, but their goals are different. They are constantly looking out for themselves -- and how they can use and abuse the rest of us. Take a good look at this guy, because I'm willing to bet he's one of them. Police say that while "99%" of the people on the platform ran over to check on the woman, who ended up dying, one guy pretended to be upset, but his foot gave him away. Because he slowly put his foot over the woman's phone, which had flown out of her purse, and then stole it.


Check out the video:

Wow, look at the acting. Watch how he keeps his hand over his mouth, like he's shocked and saddened by the 26-year-old woman's violent death. But see how his foot gives him away. He deliberately steps on the phone in the orange case, and then bends over, picks it up, and slips it into his jacket.

This is a phone that would have helped the cops figure out whom to call about the woman. For all this guy knew, the woman could have still been alive, and brought to the hospital, and her mother or father would have wanted to see her, and the cops could have called them to come and comfort the woman. There also might be pictures on the phone that will be the last ones the family ever get from the doomed woman.

But this guy wasn't thinking about any that. He was thinking about himself.

If you've read The Sociopath Next Door you'd know there are people like this out there. Even if the guy was absolutely desperate for a phone -- and he doesn't look desperate by his clothes -- that STILL wouldn't have been an excuse.

Luckily, you can see his face quite clearly in the surveillance footage. Police say they are already getting tons of tips about who the guy is. (In fact, one guy a reporter spoke to thinks he knows him and immediately contacted cops.)

Fortunately, his face will now be plastered all over the Internet forever. So the rest of us can know what he's about.

If you know this creep, contact the Transit Police Criminal Investigations Unit at 617-222-1050.

Does this shock you?

Editor's Note: The suspect has reportedly turned himself into police.

Image via WBZ4

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