Man Arrested for Drugging & Assaulting His Daughter's Friend

If it's one place parents usually trust to leave their kids, it is with the parents of their children's friends. In this case, however, that would have allegedly been a very bad idea. For 37-year-old Lowell James Walley of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, allegedly drugged and raped his teen daughter's 15-year-old friend. Reportedly, Walley picked up the girl and some of her friends and gave the teen girl a drink. Not long after that, the girl says she awoke to find the man was having sex with her.


According to police documents, the man gave the teen a drink that said "100%" on the bottle and had gold flakes in it. He then allegedly drove her to a hotel, where she passed out. When she awoke, she said her friend's father was on top of her.

The next morning, she says she woke up naked and very sick. Reportedly, the man told her not to tell anyone what had happened.

But later on, the girl's mother noticed that she was acting strangely and was also covered in vomit. The mother then reportedly called police -- and that is when her daughter told her she'd been raped.

This is all sick enough, but the teen also reportedly told police this wasn't the first time she'd been raped by Walley. She says the other time happened during a sleepover at his house.

This is every parent's nightmare. When your children make friends, you basically just assume that those friends' parents are going to take care of your child while he or she is with them. It sounds like this father did the exact opposite.

There's really no way that by the time your daughter is a teen that you can't let her go places on her own or not let her stay over at friends' homes. You can meet the parents, but that won't guarantee their safety either. All you can do is let her know that if anyone tries to touch her or give her drinks to make sure she gets out of there fast, and to make sure your children feel safe coming to you and telling you anything.

How awful for the teen, the teen's friend, and her family.


Image via Oklahoma City Police

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