5-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped Right Out of Her Bed Saved by Hero Dad (VIDEO)

A family in Sandy, Utah, got the scare of their lives when they heard a noise and went to investigate and saw a man running across their lawn -- carrying their 5-year-old daughter! The girl's father reportedly screamed, "What are you doing, that’s my daughter, you’re not taking her!" and ran after the guy. Fortunately, this has a happy ending.


Once he spotted the stranger carrying his little girl to god knows where, the dad confronted the suspect, who dropped her and ran off into the night. Police believe the man had gained entry to the home through an unlocked door or window and, as he was browsing around looking for stuff to steal, came upon the sleeping girl and decided to take her!

Luckily, when he went back to exit the front door, the noise awakened the girl's parents, and the dad rushed to the door just in time to see the shadow of the man abducting his daughter. The girl was also reportedly screaming, "No! No! No!"

Cops and K-9 units quickly set about finding the man and indeed they now have a suspect in custody. His name is Troy Morley and he's 46 years old. The man has no criminal record except a DUI and a few traffic violations. Scary! Who wakes up one day in middle age and decides to kidnap a little girl?

This story ended up so much better than similar stories have -- how fortunate the guy made enough noise that he woke up the parents. But it's so scary to think that your little girl could be sleeping in her bed one minute, in the arms of a predator the next.

Police say there is no link between the suspect and the family and that he apparently targeted them at random. Really makes you want to run out and buy a home alarm system -- and a few guard dogs!

Image via Fox 13

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