Teen Admits He Was Too Drunk to Carry Out Plan to Shoot Up School

Normally you don't want to applaud a 16-year-old getting so drunk, he can barely function. Except in this case. Who knows how many people would have died if Sash Nemphos allegedly hadn't gotten too drunk to carry out his plan to kill his parents and as many students and teachers as he could at his high school in Towson, Maryland.


Reportedly, police were searching Nemphos' home while investigating him on unrelated theft incidents when his plan to shoot up his school came to light. He had apparently brought a gun to school on Friday, but because he had imbibed too much whiskey before class, he was unable to carry out his alleged murder plot. He reportedly told cops he decided to wait until Monday, when he'd sobered up.

Nemphos also allegedly had forgotten his homemade explosives that day -- yet another reason he said he couldn't go through with his plan.

It was thanks to the teen's dad that all of this was uncovered. While cops were asking Nemphos about thefts he was involved in, his father had taken them aside and told them that a gun had been stolen from his workplace months before and he was worried that the teen may have had something to do with that too.

Cops began grilling the boy, who eventually showed them the gun and reportedly admitted that he'd planned to kill the security guard at school, steal his gun and ammunition, and then kill as many students and teachers as he could.

His motive was apparently that he'd been bullied for years and, despite reporting it to teachers, nothing was done.

Perhaps Nemphos got so drunk that day because, deep down, he really did not want to do this horrific thing. And thank goodness for the teen's dad, who spoke up to cops.

Nemphos has been charged on multiple counts. Let's be grateful this tragedy was avoided, and let's hope Nemphos gets the help he so obviously needs.


Image via Baltimore County Police

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