Husband Charged After 2 Wives Die in Freak Accidents

cliffHarold Henthorn, 58, and his wife Dr. Toni Henthorn, 50, went for a hike on Deer Mountain in Colorado on their anniversary. Harold said that Toni was taking a photograph of beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park when she fell 50 feet to her death. Back in 2012, it was deemed an accident, but the coroner was suspicious and now Harold has been charged with murder.

Harold, you should know, was a widow when he first met Toni. His first wife, Sandra Lynn, tragically died when the couple were trying to change a tire. The story that Harold shared with police back in 1995 was that they got a flat on a dark rural road and the jack holding up the car slipped, crushing his wife to death.


Harold had a life insurance policy on his first wife for $300,000. Now that isn't entirely suspect -- people have these policies in place in case of the worst happening. But given the latest, how can we not question Harold's motives. He had two life insurance policies out on Toni, his wife of 12 years. They have a daughter who is now 9. That policy was at $4.5 million, and Harold filed the claim two days after his wife's "accidental" death. Two days. The family hadn't even had a service for her yet.

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This reads like a movie script. And I wish it was just that. But it's real. It seems that two women are dead because they were married to Harold. A child has lost her mother, and it seems she will lose her father as well -- he is facing a life sentence if convicted with no chance for parole. The police have re-opened the case of his first wife. It is believed that Harold "willfully, deliberately, maliciously, and with premeditation and malice aforethought did unlawfully kill his wife."

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Was the motive money? It seems so. Because there is always divorce if you no longer want to be with someone. But divorce would leave him without his doctor wife's income. And how can it be so that both women he married died under such unusual circumstances -- these "accidents." And I think we all know from the book and movie Gone Girl that anniversaries can bring out the worst in people.

It's tragic this happened to these two women, and I'm praying for the little girl whose family has been destroyed. I hope she has a strong support system through other relatives.

What do you think of these deaths? Do you think Harold is behind them?

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