Teen Kills 5-Year-Old Brother Because He Thought He Was a 'Goblin'

A teenager who killed his 5-year-old foster brother has the most bizarre and tragic excuse -- he says he thought he was killing a goblin. Cody Metzker-Madsen, 18, was living with a foster family in Logan, Iowa, when he admits he bludgeoned and drowned 5-year-old Dominic Elkins to death. But he told the courtroom he had no idea he was hurting little Dominic at the time and thought he was fighting off an army of goblins.


Metzker-Madsen said he saw a bunch of "green, ugly little creatures" that resembled characters he saw when he played a video game called Skylanders. He attacked the head goblin -- who was really Dominic -- with a sword and brick and then drowned him in a ravine.

His lawyer is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.

Little Dominic had already had a tough life -- he was living with a foster family because his own felt they could not control his extreme moods. He would have violent temper tantrums and had already attacked people. But apparently he was improving after getting intensive therapy and living with his foster family -- including "big brother" Metzker-Madsen.

Asked if he realized he was really killing Dominic at the time, the teen replied, "No, I did not." He explained that he hit "the goblin" with a brick and then kept smashing his face with it as he pushed him underwater, worried that "the goblin" would rise up again to kill him. Goblins, he said, are "kind of tricky little creatures."

He said he only realized he had something to do with Dominic's death later on as he sat in a car. As for Dominic, he said, "I loved the little guy, I would never hurt him. Not even a hair on his fricken' little head."

Unfortunately, he did indeed hurt Dominic. He killed him.

Metzker-Madsen is either genuinely severely mentally ill, to the point that he becomes detached from reality, or he's very cunning and manipulative. I wouldn't want to be on the jury that decides which.

Either way, this is a tragedy for Dominic. He was a troubled little boy who deserved much better than this.

And if Metzker-Madsen truly did not know what he was doing that horrible day, then it's tragic for him too. He will have to live with the knowledge of what he did.

Do you think he knew what he was doing?

Image via Logan, Iowa Police

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