Dad Filmed Toddler Daughters Dancing to 'Frozen' Before Killing Them

I need to warn you -- this may be one of the most disturbing and heartbreaking stories you read today. I know I felt sick when I heard that a father from Australia reportedly confessed to killing his two young daughters after dressing them up in new ballerina costumes and filming them dancing to Frozen's "Let It Go." Police believe the sick reason he murdered them was so that he could get revenge against his ex-wife.

Charles Amon Mihayo reportedly smothered 4-year-old Savannah and 3-year-old Indianna with a pillow while the two little girls were dressed in their ballet tutus.


Mihayo, 36, pleaded guilty to murder at a pre-sentencing trial. His lawyer claims this was not a premeditated murder, but one that happened in the moment -- as if that makes it any better.

Just four days before the horrific incident, which took place on Easter Sunday, the suspect reportedly googled "how to kill my ex-wife." He and the girls' mother reportedly split up in 2009 and she had another partner. Mihayo also hinted at the fact that there may have been custody issues concerning the children, but given what he was allegedly capable of doing to them, can anyone blame his ex for trying to minimize his time with them?

There could be a lot more to this story that we don't know about yet, but based on the facts we do have, I can only think of one word to describe this man: monster. He reportedly bathed them, dressed them up, and then filmed them dancing and singing -- all while their mother was waiting in a nearby building for their safe return. It's sick to think of him witnessing their joy one second and destroying the babies he helped create the next.

And for what reason -- jealousy? Revenge? It's impossible to imagine how his ego could get in the way of his love for his children. I feel terrible for the mother of these precious little girls and wish her nothing but comfort and peace as she prepares for what will likely be a long and difficult trial.

What is a fair consequence for this father if he is found guilty? Why do you think he would do this to his own daughters?


Image via Victoria Police Department

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