Woman Abducted in Philadelphia is Found Alive in Maryland

If you caught the horrific surveillance video of 22-year-old Carlesha Freelance-Gaither being violently abducted and forced into a car by a man in Philadelphia, you couldn't have been blamed for thinking it wasn't going to end well. But after an intense search, police have found the nursing assistant alive in Jessup, Md., three days after she was kidnapped. Her abductor is in custody and police say they have the public to thank for this incredible rescue.


Cops say good Samaritans identified the suspect and his vehicle, which led them to a parking lot where Carlesha was reportedly found in "good shape" but with some injuries. She has been taken to a hospital and is in the process of telling police her story.

The suspect has been identified as Delven Barnes, 37. There was already a warrant out for his arrest in Virginia for attempted capital murder for a totally different case. Police say they expect to bring up federal charges against him in Philadelphia, as well.

One day after she was abducted, a man reportedly used Carlesha's bank card at an ATM about 75 miles away from where she was abducted. The man on the surveillance video looked "similar" to Barnes, according to police.

This is one of the only details we have right now and are still unsure of the man's motive and what was the connection between Carlesha and Barnes. Based on the surveillance footage, authorities say they believe it was a "stranger abduction," which somehow makes this even more frightening. Why did Barnes single this young woman out? Did he plan this in advance? And WHY -- what were his sick intentions?

Also frightening: Carlesha fought for herself. The young woman yelled for help and reportedly kicked one of the passenger side windows so hard she broke it before Barnes took off with her in the vehicle. And the abduction took place at 9:40 p.m., which isn't exactly late. This story serves as a scary reminder that we have to always be aware of our surroundings -- no matter how safe we may think we are. 

Thank goodness this woman is home and okay -- both the police department and caring public deserve to share the credit for her safe return.

What do you suspect was the motive in this alleged abduction?


Image via Philadelphia Police Department


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