Man Charged With Killing Girlfriend During Trip Home to Meet the Parents

The first time you bring home your boyfriend to meet your parents might end up being awkward, but it shouldn't be deadly. Unfortunately, that's what it turned out to be for 43-year-old Kelly Turner, a flight attendant who brought her new boyfriend, 52-year-old Joseph Karr, from California to her hometown of Austin, Texas, to meet her parents. The family welcomed him to a dinner the night he arrived and were happy to meet their daughter's new boyfriend. Little did they know that was the last time they would see her alive.


Kelly's sister, Barbara Shannon, who also met Karr at the welcome dinner, says that she didn't notice anything awry: "That was the last time we were together," she told KVUE. "I didn't pick up on anything that disturbed me, I noticed he was quiet, he was very quiet."

It should have been a time of bonding and fostering intimacy with his girlfriend's family, but something went horribly, horribly wrong.

Details are sketchy but reportedly Kelly, who was a popular Southwest Airlines flight attendant, and Karr went out and enjoyed an evening with friends. But when they returned home, an argument broke out. Friends heard Kelly screaming and when they went to investigate, they reportedly found Karr holding a knife and saying, "I can't believe I killed her." Kelly's parents were reportedly still in the house, in another room.

Karr's mug shot photo shows him with deep lacerations around his neck. It's unclear if they are self-inflicted or if Kelly put up a fight.

Karr reportedly then fled the scene in a car but was later apprehended while walking in a nearby field.

What a tragedy. Kelly only wanted her family to meet the man she loved, and they were probably excited to do so, and then she is murdered practically right in front of them. This is one homecoming you never, ever want to hear about.


Image via Travis County Jail

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