Man Jailed After Scarring 13-Year-Old With 'Absolutely Awful' Tattoo


Oh man ... how furious would you be if this happened to your daughter? A British man in the town of Portsmouth was recently sentenced to eight months in jail, for illegally inking a 13-year-old girl with what is being described as an "absolutely awful" tattoo.

The unnamed teen reportedly paid Jackson Roswell £20 (about $34) to permanently disfigure her body by tattooing the misspelled word "belleve" on her neck. The 19-year-old, who was supposed to spell "believe," did the work in his bedroom, and used Jack Daniel's whiskey.


Authorities say that the girl went to Roswell's home after seeing a post on Facebook. Afterward, she deeply regretted it, and said the work looked "awful."

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She wears her hair down now to cover the blemish, and understands the ramifications of her poor decision making. "I'm very upset about what has happened, partly because the tattoo is awful but mainly because of the worry it has caused all my family. I am really scared that I may have caught something from a dirty needle."

The teen has reportedly been tested for HIV and hepatitis, and has been given the clear, thank God.

Her mom was quoted as saying, "Our entire family has been devastated by this. My initial reaction was one of utter disbelief. Her sister took one look at it and stormed off. Her dad just wanted to kill him. It's not spelled right, it's smudged, it's absolutely awful."

She continued, "Children make mistakes. Adults are supposed to take responsibility. He took our power away completely and now our daughter is scarred for life for £20. What he has done is absolutely disgusting. It caused mayhem in our home."

The amateur tattoo artist, who admitted to causing actual bodily harm, tattooing a child, and tattooing on unlicensed premises, was sentenced to eight months in prison, and ordered to complete 120 hours of community service, in addition to paying the girl £300.

Even though justice seems to have been served, this is a mistake this poor girl will live with for a very long time. Even if she decides to get the thing removed, the removal process is incredibly painful, and results can vary.

This mom is right -- kids will make mistakes, but thanks to the gross incompetence of an adult, this girl will live with it forever.

How would you react if this happened to your teenager?


Image via Micael Faccio/Flickr


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