17-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Plotting to Kill Students During Pep Rally (VIDEO)

Girls should aspire to do everything that boys can do -- unless it's shooting up a school. A 17-year-old girl in Pennsylvania has been arrested after allegedly aspiring to follow in the footsteps of male school killers like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who killed 12 students and one teacher at Columbine High School. The girl reportedly wrote in a notebook about how she wanted to become "the first female mass murderer."


Staff members at Radnor High School found the chilling notebook and were stunned to read how the girl wanted to kill students and teachers during an upcoming pep rally. She reportedly wrote:

But imagine the power ... The bullets leaving the gun with a loud bang, piercing kids around me, the way they collapse, their blood splattering the floor ... the screams.

She also apparently wrote about her admiration for the Columbine killers. She even reportedly wrote to one of the parents of the killers and said how she wanted to carry out her own plan.

The girl reportedly has a history of mental illness, but what kind is not stated. Why was she in a regular school if so? Perhaps nothing this dark and dangerous has manifested itself until now.

The teen has been arrested and charged with making terrorist threats. It's a good thing she left her notebook behind. These days, you can't just assume these are the wild ramblings of an overheated imagination. Unfortunately, ramblings like this can turn very deadly in real life.

Image via NBC 10

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