8-Year-Old Girl's Halloween Candy Contains Horrifying Surprise (VIDEO)

These days, most parents go through their kids' trick-or-treat treasure and check out their candy. It's kind of sad it has to be this way, but better safe than sorry. And when you hear stories like this one, you may be tempted to never let your kids trick-or-treat again. Police say that a little girl in the Bay Area, California, got one of the scariest things you could imagine in her basket of goodies: A bag of methamphetamine.


The unnamed girl, who is 8 years old, was reportedly going through her loot with her parents when they noticed something that didn't quite look like candy. It was wrapped in a plastic bag.

The girl's dad suspected whatever it was was not fit for a child and called police. Said the police sergeant:

He had been checking his child's Halloween candy after putting it away on Halloween night, and while checking it found the baggie and suspected it was illegal drugs. He wanted to report it.

The "candy" turned out to be a 0.1-gram plastic bag of crystal methamphetamine. Police say they don't know if it was given to the girl on purpose or by mistake.

Either way, how terribly frightening. If that little girl had thought it was some kind of rock candy and eaten it, she would absolutely have been seriously harmed ... she possibly could have died.

Who cares WHY the person did it, or if it was an accident, that person needs to be found and punished.

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Police are alerting neighbors that anyone who went trick-or-treating in that area needs to carefully check their children's candy.

Ugh, razor blades in the '80s, and now meth! Crazy!! Fortunately these types of things are extremely rare, and kids do so enjoy the candy tradition, but I wouldn't blame parents who call a time-out on Halloween candy collecting.

Do you check your kids' candy?

Image via Jerome Decq/Flickr

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