Sean Kory Is the New 'Hot Convict' We Can't Stop Staring At

Move on over Jeremy Meeks! Remember that sexy mugshot that emerged several months ago and had the Internet collectively saying, "Lock me up too!"? It seems as though he now has a rival.

Our new "hot convict" is one Sean Kory, a 29-year-old was was arrested in Santa Cruz last week after allegedly attacking someone dressed as a Fox News anchor at a Halloween party.


Oh my gosh, this dude is beautiful, and it hardly seems to make sense that he's an alleged criminal. Don't pretty people know they're supposed to be perfect? 

Sean KoryAnyway, Kory spent the night at the Santa Cruz County Jail last week after some very obscene behavior. He apparently approached the victim dressed as a Fox News anchor and screamed, "I hate Fox News!"

Reports say that he then grabbed a microphone prop and rubbed it on his genitals.

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His mugshot went viral over the weekend, which of course made us think of Jeremy Meeks. In case you need reminding, Meeks looks like this.

Jeremy Meeks

After news broke that Kory had been arrested (and his mugshot had been released) social media took over, because hi, he's cute. One user even wrote, "Sean Kory, when you get out of jail...I’ll be waiting boo."

Oyza. Let's not forget that these are alleged, someday-maybe-to-be-convicted criminals, people! That being said ... they're not bad on the eyes.

What do you think of America's obsession with "hot convicts"?


Images via the Santa Cruz Police Department & the Stockton Police Department

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