Family Robbed & Beaten By Masked Gunmen They Thought Were Trick-or-Treaters

door on halloweenOne Long Island, New York family lived out a real life horror story on Halloween. A woman and her two-year-old son opened their front door to greet what they thought were trick-or-treaters but what they found were three gun-toting, masked men who burst into the house.


Once inside, they demanded that the woman and her husband sit down but they refused. Though, they paid dearly for their insubordination. The husband was repeatedly pistol whipped, resulting in cuts to his head. Then they tied up and duct taped the pair before letting in two more thieves to help ransack the house.

During the nightmare, the mother was able to break free of the tape, grabbed their toddler, and ran to a neighbor. "I looked out and I saw the wife and the kid and I opened the door for them," the neighbor told a reporter.  "The lady was very hysterical and said, 'Oh my God, someone came into the house and they’re beating up my husband.'"

Unfortunately, by the time the police arrived, the criminals had fled. What a frightening thing to have happen -- and not just for those parents. Can you imagine how terrified that toddler was? Though just two, scary memories can still have a long-term and damning effect. They may all fear Halloween for the rest of their lives.

Do you think an incident like this can emotionally scar a child so young?


Image via © Art Widak/Demotix/Corbis

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