Teacher Accused of Pouring Hot Sauce on Autistic Boy

teacher deskThe mother of an 11-year-old boy in North Carolina is livid and calling for a teacher's job after learning she reportedly used hot sauce to discipline her child. After learning that her son DJ, who has autism, was touching his nose too often in class, Cindy Joseph then discovered his teacher had a rather unorthodox way of tackling the so-called problem: she reportedly put hot sauce on his finger so that anytime DJ picked his nose, he caused it to burn from the sauce.

What's even worse: DJ can't speak. He couldn't even report this atrocious behavior to his mother and was forced to suffer in silence until the school principal stepped in.


The school leader at Weddington Hill Elementary School reportedly caught DJ's teacher pouring hot sauce on his finger and found a bottle of the condiment in her classroom. She told Joseph what had been going on and suspended the teacher the day after.

Shockingly, the teacher is reportedly working at another school in the same district. Joseph, who says DJ was taken advantage of by the educator, says she plans on filing abuse charges against her and argues that she should be stripped of her teaching license.

Assuming this teacher is guilty as charged, I couldn't agree more. There is no excuse or justification for this type of behavior toward a child -- particularly when you know that student is incapable of defending himself. It's horrendous. A compassionate teacher would have handled this situation by speaking with the student in private or, how about this, letting the matter go if that doesn't work because there are way worse things in the world than a student who touches the inside of his nose.

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I'll never understand why a person chooses to teach and spends all of that time, effort and money earning degrees if he or she doesn't feel children deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. This goes triple for adults who are in charge of caring for kids with special needs. They desperately NEED and deserve good teachers. Anyone who betrays their trust needs to think long and hard about whether they belong in a classroom.

Do you think this teacher deserves to lose her job if she put hot sauce on the student's finger?


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