Mom Arrested for Photo of Toddler Hanging From Hook Says She Was 'Playing'

A teen mom from Spotsylvania, Virginia is facing a felony child abuse charge after she reportedly took a photo that was posted to Facebook of her 14-month-old boy crying and looking uncomfortable while hanging by his T-shirt from a planter hook on a door frame.

Alexis Breeden, 18, turned herself in after learning that a felony warrant was issued for her arrest. The disturbing photo quicky went viral after it was reportedly posted on Facebook by her jilted boyfriend -- also the baby's father -- who police say made the picture public in an attempt to seek revenge by getting Breeden in trouble.


Talk about priorities.

This poor child's dad could have simply gone to police with what Breeden reportedly did, had he really felt concern for his son's welfare. The fact that he did this to get back at her is truly mystifying.

As for Breeden -- she reportedly isn't taking all of this very seriously. On her Facebook, she reportedly wrote: "The cops came to my house twice last night and saw that he was fine. They think this was immature and dumb of me but he saw I was playing and no one needs to know everything going on because some of you aren't parents and no one knows the full story. Mind your own f****** business."

Granted, I don't know the full story. I don't live with Breeden. But it doesn't take a parenting expert to know that if your child is crying because he fears something you're doing to him -- like dangling him in the air  -- you don't stop to snap a photo. You take him down immediately and comfort him. Oh, or how about this: you don't place him on a planter's hook to begin with.

This isn't Breeden's first brush with the law. She has already been ordered by a judge to take anger management courses and undergo a mental health evaluation for a separate incident in which she pleaded guilty to assault and battery against a family member.

She's also scheduled to appear in court next month for another charge that she violated a protective order.

I feel truly sorry for this toddler. I realize many teens find humor in actions that would shock most adults or, at the very least, make us shake our heads. But when you make that choice to become a parent -- regardless of your age -- you also make the decision to grow up the very second you hear your baby's first cry. Hanging your child from a hook and keeping him there when he's freaking out is not okay. Posting that photo to Facebook because you value your own "fame" and ability to hurt someone above helping your child is also not okay.

Let's hope this baby's parents get their acts together -- fast -- for his sake.

What consequence do you think this mom should face for taking this photo?


Image via Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office


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