Woman Attacked by 'Grim Reaper' in Her Bathroom on Halloween (VIDEO)

Ugh, this sounds like your absolute worst nightmare. A woman who went to her bathroom early in the morning on Halloween found herself accosted by the Grim Reaper -- and it was no Halloween prank. Someone dressed as the scary Reaper reportedly broke into her home and stabbed the woman as she was drying her hair.


The unnamed woman was in her bathroom in Vista, California, when someone dressed as the Grim Reaper snuck in and took a knife to her upper body and head. Luckily, the woman survived and is being treated for non-life threatening knife wounds. I can't imagine the terror that must have soared through her body as someone in one of the scariest masks imaginable -- the Grim Reaper -- flew at her with a knife. It's like a horror movie come to life.

The woman says whomever it was had a female voice -- so cops even suspect the attacker might have been a woman!

Police and dogs searched the area but couldn't find the terrifying assailant. Unfortunately, this is one of those times of the year where someone dressed like that could have just walked down the street later and no one would have thought it was suspicious.

Some neighbors were so freaked out by what happened that they decided not to celebrate Halloween. Can't say I blame them.

I wonder how this poor woman is ever going to blow her hair in the bathroom again without being frightened. I know I would be! Thank goodness she made it out alive.

Image via Ben Salter/Flickr

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