Three 13-Year-Old Girls Killed By Speeding Car While Trick-Or-Treating

Tragic news today: three 13-year-old girls – including twin sisters – were struck dead by a speeding vehicle as they were trick-or-treating last night in Santa Ana, Calif.

The teens were dressed in costume and carrying bags of candy in the residential neighborhood when they were reportedly hit by a driver who then sped off in his Honda CRV.

No parent should ever have to deal with the death of her child – and the news is somehow even more heartbreaking when you hear that it happened on a night when kids are celebrating a holiday they’ve been looking forward to all year.


Police say the girls were standing at a crosswalk near an elementary school and had the right of way when the vehicle hit them, killing all three of them at the scene. You would think the person or people responsible for this would feel so horrible about it that they would have at least stopped to see if they could help them or call 911 or something.

Shockingly, the exact opposite scenario took place. The suspects sped off. Police reportedly found their vehicle nearby, but are still searching for two male suspects who they say fled on foot.

Police have not released the names of the young victims. There are no words to describe how sad this is – sending positive thoughts out to the families of these girls.

Are you surprised the suspects took off after hitting the three teens with their vehicle?


Image via AForestFrolic/Flickr

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