Police Sergeant Arrested for Telling Mom to Molest Her 1-Year-Old Over Skype

A 1-year-old baby who is with his or her mother and an NYPD sergeant should have been in the safest place in the world. Unfortunately, being around these two was allegedly the most unsafe place for the baby. Sgt. Alberto Randazzo is accused of conspiring to sexually abuse the baby of a woman he met online.


Randazzo, 38, was arrested last year on charges of soliciting women with the intent of abusing their children. While on bail for those charges, he allegedly downloaded at least 30 clips of child pornography. Clearly, this doesn't sound like a man who can control himself.

While foraging through Randazzo's computer, the feds reportedly found at least 11 Skype videos of a woman carrying out instructions by Randazzo to sexually abuse her own child. Eventually police were able to identify the woman; they say her name is Keira Norton. She remains in jail unable to make bond.

Last year, Randazzo was reported to have had videos of a little boy in diapers being sexually abused ("Put your hand inside of his diaper," Randazzo allegedly directed the female abuser), as well as a little girl around 8 years old involved in sexual abuse with two men. Reportedly, Randazzo's voice could be heard on the videos, and he was "directing" them.

It's unclear if the little boy in the diaper is Norton's child.

Randazzo worked in a midtown precinct in Manhattan and has been suspended without pay from his job. Whenever you hear about a despicable crime like this involving a police officer, it just adds an extra layer of disgust. Cops should be the ones stopping these kinds of horrible crimes, not participating in them.

Imagine being a mom in need and calling 911 and a guy like this guy shows up to help you and your kids?

As for Norton, if she is found guilty of this unspeakable crime, it's just shocking beyond belief. Why would any mother participate in this kind of behavior? Yes, we've heard of it before, but it still always stuns.

Fortunately, the baby is away from the mom now and, given that he or she is so young, hopefully will remember none of what allegedly happened.

But unfortunately, these two only face 15 years in prison, which means even if Randazzo is found guilty, he'll be back on the streets one day. Hopefully not "serving and protecting"!

Image via Nate Grigg/Flickr

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