11-Year-Old Killed by Grandfather Detailed Shocking Abuse in Hours Before Her Death

An 11-year-old girl who police believe was killed by her own 78-year-old grandfather may have been being sexually abused by him for years -- and she may have even known he was going to kill her. Anahlia Cowherd was found shot dead, as was her mother, Christine Dela Isla, and her grandfather, Honorario Yango. Authorities suspect that Yango killed his daughter and granddaughter before turning the gun on himself at their home in Seattle, Washington. Tragically, it appears that Anahlia was fearful of what was coming. Her father, Terrell Cowherd, who hadn't seen the girl in years, said he found a blog written by the poor girl that described her fear of being killed by her grandfather -- and hours later, she was dead.


After learning the tragic news about his daughter, Cowherd began Googling her and discovered a Wattpad blog that appears to be written by her. In it, she described how her grandfather had been molesting her, and also how he'd threatened to kill her. In a post titled "Help ... Me..." she wrote:

He threatened me ... He actually threatened to KILL my family. Right now I'm in my mom's room, the door locked, my dog close, my brother here, my Grandpa somewhere, my Grandma is not home. My mom is coming ... I'm so scared.

Ugh, it's unbearable to imagine this poor little girl hiding in a room, the door locked, clinging to her dog and her brother, wondering if her own grandfather would kill her.

In the blog, she also claimed her grandfather had been molesting her since she was in the third grade. She had reportedly been keeping the online journal anonymously; she had mentioned her full name in one post just before her death, which allowed her father to find her via Google.

In her Wattpad journal, she goes into excruciating detail about her alleged abuse at the hands of her grandfather, and yet the many people who commented on her posts merely offered her friendship and someone to talk to -- no one called the police so far as anyone knows. Perhaps all of her readers were children and just didn't know what to do.

While police have not released a motive for the murder/suicide, one blog post details how she finally told her mother about the abuse, and her mother confronted her father. But a month later, the abuse apparently started again. Anahlia's dad thinks she had had enough and may have been ready to call the police. It's unclear why the grandfather would have still been allowed around Anahlia even after she worked up the courage to tell.

It's terrible to think that this information was floating around the Internet and yet no one helped this girl.

Anahlia's 10-year-old brother is the only one who survived the attack. He's the one who ran and called 911 after it was over. Poor, brave boy will be scarred for life.

And poor little Anahlia -- no one protected her. Please, if you ever see anyone detailing abuse online, call the police. Get involved.

Have you ever seen anything online that made you want to call police?

Image via KIRO-TV

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