​Creepy Janitor Caught in Highly Inappropriate Acts on Elementary School Roof

apartment windowsThere have been reports of a janitor at PS 116 in Murray Hill, an NYC elementary school, pleasuring himself on the roof while on break from his duties. These very disturbing allegations have come from neighbors who live in the buildings next to the school and say that he's been spying on people. The creepy janitor reportedly goes to the roof to peep at women through the windows of their apartments that face the school and touches himself.


The police have been called, though one witness said they never showed up. Apparently this guy has been up there spying on others and masturbating for at least two weeks. A reporter from the New York Post came to investigate and said he witnessed the whole thing. 

Another unidentified witness said:

There was a girl who was taking off her robe and he was behind the green elevator shaft and when it looked like she was getting naked he hunched down and walked over to the ledge.

The police would have to catch him in the act to be charged, which makes this tricky. However, if these allegations are true, it's very unsettling that a person who works in a school with children cannot control his urges during an average work day.

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The school responded to the claims and the Department of Education's Devora Kaye said on the matter:

In recent days, an electrician and the school fireman have also been on the roof. We take any allegation of inappropriate behavior incredibly seriously and we will follow proper protocol to investigate the matter. Above all else, the safety and security of our students, staff, and entire school community is our top priority.

If my children went to this school, I would be concerned. The school needs to seriously look into this. Perhaps a surveillance camera can be set up. However, the janitor now knows he is being watched, so if he were being inappropriate, he will most likely stop in order to save his job and his reputation. That's a good thing. Or he could find a more secretive way to do what he feels he needs to do. Which worries me. Is he a sick pervert? Was it all just a misunderstanding? Do we need to be worried about the kids at the school?

With all the crazy that goes on in this world, it's hard not to overreact.

What do you think? Should the school use surveillance cameras?


Image via seanmundy/Flickr

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