Police Say Man Beheads Woman & Then Jumps in Front of a Train

Police are investigating a truly gruesome crime: they say a 30-year-old man jumped to his death in front of a train just minutes after beheading a woman in her 60s -- who may be his mother -- and leaving her for dead on a street on Long Island, New York.

The unidentified woman's body was reportedly found outside of an apartment building last night. She was wearing a bra and pants, and police say they located her head on the other side of the street. Cops say they believe the younger man killed her in her apartment and then moved her body to the street, where they say he kicked her head across the road. About 20 minutes later, apparently the killer jumped in front of a Long Island Railroad train located about a mile from the scene of the crime.


Police are investigating the deaths as domestic incidents and may label this yet another inexplicable family murder-suicide.

One of the worst parts about this crime, if you can honestly pinpoint one, is that -- given the fact that it happened early in the evening -- quite a few neighbors and passersby reported seeing the victim's beheaded body on the street. Some say they believed it was a twisted Halloween hoax at first and had to get a closer look before they came to the horrific realization that they had found a dead body.

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All of these family murder-suicides are horrible and make so little sense to most of us. But this one, assuming the killer and victim are a son and his mother, is truly baffling because it's always shocking to hear of a child killing his parent. The man could have chosen 10 other ways to hurt his mother. Beheading her is personal and macabre. I can't help but wonder what was running through his mind and how he could actually go ahead with this. 

Our hearts go out to the victim in this crime and we hope police get the answers they need as soon as possible.

What do you think happened between these two people prior to this horrific incident?

Please call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in case you are worried about yourself or someone else.


Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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