Mom Charged With Suffocation Death of Baby Left Alone While She Partied

A 24-year-old mom has been arrested in connection with the suffocation death of her 10-week-old son even though she wasn't in the room. That was the problem. She allegedly left him in a bedroom in an adult bed, in a reportedly "unsafe" sleeping position, for 16 hours. What was she doing all of that time? With a brand new baby, you'd think she'd be wild with worry, checking him every few minutes. Nope. Jordan Danielle Glenn of Wentzville, Missouri, was allegedly too busy drinking, smoking pot, and snorting Percocet.


Sixteen hours after she laid the baby down on an adult bed, she reportedly finally got around to checking him -- and he wasn't breathing. That's when she called 911. Guess you have to give her something for that?!!

Not only was the baby in an adult bed for that long -- he was on another floor entirely. He was reportedly upstairs while his mom partied downstairs.

Horribly, there were two other children in the home as well. They have been removed and placed with authorities.

There's so much wrong here it's hard to know where to begin. Perhaps her activities distracted her so much, she lost track of time. Perhaps she thought an adult bed was safe. Perhaps she thought the sleeping position he was in was fine.

Even with all of that (and that's a stretch), how does a new mom not have that tug on her heart, soul, and body to go check on a baby who she only brought into the world 10 weeks prior? Wouldn't she want to feed him at the very least?

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This poor baby never stood a chance. How you just wish people wouldn't have kids if they're not prepared to stop partying and realize they have much bigger things to take care of now.


Image via Wentzville, Missouri Police

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