Teacher Arrested for Sick Crime After Getting Creepy Tattoo of Student

Getting a tattoo of a loved one can be romantic, but not if you're an alleged sex offender and your loved one is underage. Then it's just creepy. Though not a bad idea if it leads to your arrest. That's what happened when a high school dance teacher in Durham, North Carolina, reportedly got a tattoo of a 15-year-old student's name and likeness. Once she was allegedly caught trading sexually explicit text messages with the female student, it was hard to deny it, what with that tattoo.


It was the girl's parents who discovered the text messages. After telling the teacher, 37-year-old Michelle Smith White, to stop contacting their teen daughter, she agreed. But a couple of months later, the parents found messages again. This time it appears the teacher was floating the idea of a threesome with her husband.

In North Carolina, it is illegal for a teacher to have sexual relations with a student, no matter what the student's age.

Police even seized a binder filled with notes that the husband had written to the girl. Unclear if the husband has been arrested as well.

White also apparently had a tattoo of the girl's name, initials, and an "artist rendering which would be symbolic of the juvenile." Not sure what that means exactly, but I'm thinking, Really bad tattoo of the juvenile's face.

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No word on where the teacher had the tattoo, but yeah, you probably want to avoid tattooing a picture of your victim on your body. But good thing she did, because I'm sure the judge would like to see it.


Image via police handout

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