Woman Who Ruined Coworker's Life Over Rape Lie Gets Slap on Wrist

A woman was sentenced to 32 days in jail for essentially ruining a man's life. Katherine Bennett, a 21-year-old woman from Fort Collins, Colorado, told police that she was kidnapped from the parking lot of a local Safeway store and brought to the home of a former coworker -- she said there, she was drugged and repeatedly raped. The man she accused, Dustin Toth, was arrested and lost his job. Eventually, however, it all came out that the woman was lying.


Toth had told police that Bennett was in his home but that they had watched movies and had consensual sex. Eventually, the fact that Bennett deleted text messages from her phone that were pertinent to the case as well as the fact that she changed her story several times made the police believe she was lying. Charges were brought against her and she was found guilty.

Meanwhile, however, Toth lost his job and was prevented from deploying to Cuba with the Army National Guard. Because of his record, he was unable to find a job for months. And let's not even get into Google! Oh wait, let's get into it.

A judge acknowledged that Toth was all over the media when the accusations were launched; however, when it came out that Bennett was making it all up and Toth was innocent -- the media went away. Erm, yeah, not surprising. We all seem to forget innocent until proven guilty.

Despite the fact that Toth basically had his life ruined for nothing, Bennett is only getting 32 days in jail. She faced up to nine years in prison, but she barely got a slap on the wrist. Probably less with good behavior. This does not seem like enough punishment, given the crime. Not to mention that women like Bennett make it so much more difficult for women who have truly been victims to come forward.

Whenever women do this kind of thing, they are not only destroying the life of the person they accuse -- but of women they don't even know. Women who may not be believed because of these kinds of cases.


Image via Weld County Sheriff's Office

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