Good Samaritans Save Baby After Mom Tosses Her in Ocean (VIDEO)

A mother is being accused of doing the unthinkable. Bystanders watched as the woman passed them on a rocky jetty in Atlantic City, carrying a 1-month-old infant in her arms. Fishermen nearby asked the woman what she was doing with the baby, but she didn't answer them and just kept walking. They then watched in horror as she reportedly tossed the baby into the ocean and then jumped in after the child.


Luckily, the fishermen, one of whom was a fireman, didn't take long to react -- they jumped in after the desperate pair. One man says he told the woman: "I'm gonna go in for you but you can't panic and don't try to grab me." He then went in after her.

Meanwhile, another man was able to jump in and grab the baby. He says he was able to give her mouth-to-mouth, and the baby spit up water, and he was then able to pass her along to EMS workers who quickly showed up.

The woman, presumed to be the baby's mother, may not have been so lucky, however. A witness described her as "limp as a noodle."

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Despite her condition being reported as unknown, the mom, identified as 23-year-old Patricia Shurig, was charged with aggravated assault.

No one knows what could have caused the woman to do something so horrible. Was she mentally ill? Suicidal? Whatever it was, it can't be good. No one does anything like this without having some serious trouble emotionally. So sad.

Luckily, the heroic men nearby were willing to risk their lives to save this baby and mother. And hopefully both will be okay. If the mom survives, let's hope she gets help. But the baby should be put somewhere safer than with her mother, at least for the time being.

The best part of this story is that all of the men are okay too -- we hear too many stories about Good Samaritans who rush into waters to save others -- and unfortunately don't make it out alive. These guys did and kudos to them!

Image via NBC10

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