Baby Boy Found Abandoned in His Stroller on New Orleans Street Corner

New Orleans police are searching for the parents of a baby boy who was left alone in his stroller on Saturday, October 25. Officers responded to a 5:20 P.M. call from concerned citizens, who said the child had been alone since at least 4:30 P.M.

He was found on the street corner in the 2600 block of Martin Luther King Boulevard, and appears to be about one year old. Child abuse detectives are looking for any information about where this kiddo came from and how he ended up by himself.


Police searched the area, but were unable to find any relatives or guardians. They also said the poor little guy was crying. He's now in custody of the Department of Child and Family Services, and law enforcement requests that anyone with any information call Child Abuse Detective Nakeisha Barnes at 504-658-5267.

What a sad, sad situation. It's hard to imagine that he wasn't abandoned, given that the police are actively looking for his parents or other caregivers. If your baby goes missing, calling the cops would probably be one of the first things you'd do.

It's tragic that someone who was supposed to be taking care of this child, possibly even his own mother or father, left him in a stroller on the sidewalk. What could they be thinking? Are there mental illnesses at play? Did they leave him in a public place so that he would be sure to be found? Are drugs or other illegal activities involved?

Whatever ends up happening in this situation, I hope this little boy grows up feeling loved and cared for. No child should ever have to feel like their parents abandoned them.

Do you think his parents are trying to find him too?


Image via New Orleans Police Department

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