Twin Teenage Sisters Accused of Tying Up & Robbing 85-Year-Old 'Sugar Daddy'

You know those tales you read about that leave you completely baffled and unsure of who you should actually feel sorry for? You might count this as one of those stories. An 85-year-old man from New York City reportedly decided he wanted to enjoy the company of a (much, much, MUCH) younger woman -- presumably, in exchange for whatever pleasures he could buy her with his money.

So Paul Aronson reportedly set up a profile on, otherwise known as that website you go to when you either want to find a sugar daddy or sugar mommy OR are a sugar daddy/mommy who wants to find a much, much, MUCH (did I mention "Much?") younger companion who won't expect you to walk down an aisle with her anytime soon.

But in this case, Aronson reportedly got more than he had bargained for: 17-year-old twin sisters responded that they wanted to hook up with the senior -- before allegedly tying him up and stealing his money.


After exchanging messages with Shalaine Foster on the website, he reportedly asked her twin sister Shaina to dinner in Manhattan. The sisters, both of whom reportedly have been in trouble with the law before, showed up at the restaurant together. Aronson allegedly asked them both to return with him to his townhouse so they could have a few cocktails. Once at his house, the man reportedly gave them raspberry-flavored Bacardi rum and, according to the girls' attorney, the man had more in mind for them than just dinner and drinks.

The lawyer also said this wasn't the first time Shaina had been out with Aronson, which just begs the question: WHY?

Police say the girls tied Aronson to a coffee table, where he remained alone for 20 hours until a friend found him. After tying him up, the teens allegedly stole his credit cards and $470 in cash. They then went on a shopping spree and purchased makeup, according to court papers.

Shalaine and Shaina have been charged with kidnapping, robbery, burglary, grand larceny and assault.

The twins' mother reportedly says she doesn't believe the accusations against her daughters and that they are "college-bound, upstanding citizens" who are not at all "sleazy."

It sounds like there may be a lot more to this story that will be revealed after the twins and Aronson speak in court.

Based on the facts we have, what do you make of this crime? Should Aronson be held accountable, as well?


Image via Jaysin Trevino/Flickr

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