​Vicious Hazing Gets Entire High School Football Season Canceled

end zone footballPlayers on the Central Bucks West High School football team are being accused of hazing, which has resulted in the season being suspended for the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, school. It's disturbing to hear of the allegations and troubling to think that these kids would do this to other kids. Sadly these behaviors seem to be happening more often. Just last week seven high school football players were charged with sodomizing four teammates in the locker room of their Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey.

The Central Bucks case details sexual abuse and extreme humiliation.


A report states that the hazing included older members of the team putting towels over the younger players' heads and sending them to the showers, where at least one was "forced to touch another's private parts."

The coaching staff of both the junior varsity and varsity teams are also being looked at due to lack of supervision. The school's superintendent Dr. David P. Weitzel has moved swiftly and "officially suspended" the season and the coaches while the investigation continues.

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The big Homecoming game was cancelled, and while it's something many look forward to, the team has been deeply affected. In the Sayreville case, many in the community were upset that their season came to an end, but "the game must go on" thought doesn't apply here. I sincerely hope not every member of the team was directly involved in the hazing, but all were certainly affected. They were a team, and a team is supposed to look out for one another. The allegations of what happened during the hazing don't point to support or show what it's like to be a team.

Dr. Weitzel said:

I believe this swift and firm action is absolutely necessary. I offer my sincere apologies to any member of the football program who was subjected to the demeaning actions of fellow players who should have served as role models.

This is far beyond any kind of harmless antics some kids partake in during their high school years. The fact that some kids would do such awful and damaging things to another shows that help is needed -- and not just for the victims.

What kind of consequences do you think the kids involved with the hazing should face?


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