Mom Kills Toddler Then Carries Him Around for a Day Before Anyone Notices

A 14-month-old boy was somehow brought right in front of cops twice and no one noticed that he was dead. Reportedly, his mother smothered him and then kept carrying his lifeless little body around. Hours after she reportedly killed the little boy, she got into a car accident in Canton, Ohio. When emergency services arrived, she calmly held the dead little boy in her arms while talking to them. No one noticed anything wrong.


The mom, 20-year-old Kayelisa Martin, then reportedly went to a police station to fill out an accident report -- still carrying the child, named Omoyele. Again, no one noticed that he was dead. It's unclear why cops wouldn't have spotted a dead child in the mom's arms, but since she had him wrapped in a blanket, everyone must have assumed he was sleeping.

Still, at over a year old, he wasn't exactly tiny. It seems odd that no one would have noticed his condition, especially after the car crash, when a child would have probably woken up. Probably everyone was distracted. That isn't exactly something you look for -- a dead child in a mom's arms as she speaks calmly to you!

Later that same day, the mom's parents found Omoyele dead in bed. They called police as the mom threatened suicide.

Police arrived and found the boy, but then got word that the mom had carried out her threat by jumping in front of a semi-trailer on a highway.

It's unfathomable to think what this mom was going through that she would do all of this. To kill her baby and then walk around with him for a whole day -- what was going through her mind? Martin's family said Kayelisa and the baby's father had been having trouble.

Perhaps if someone had noticed the boy was dead, maybe there would have been a chance at saving the mom's life. But given that police say she killed her son, she most likely would have lived it out in prison anyway. What a tragic story all the way around.


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