Couple Lock Up Child in Cage & Horrified Witnesses Tweet Picture of It

A Mexican politician's campaign team got the shock of their lives as they were knocking on doors in the district of Miguel Hidalgo when they heard a child crying. Investigating the sound, the team turned a corner and were shocked to see a small child standing inside a small makeshift cage, crying, with a dog tied up next to him.


Horrified, the team knocked on the door of the house but got no response. Eventually they decided to take a picture of the miserable child in the cage. The picture is just heartbreaking and makes you seethe with outrage.

At that point, they say someone did come out of the house and was "very aggressive" toward them. The team fled and called police.

The police did arrive, but unfortunately by that time, the child, the dog, and the people who lived in the home were gone.

The team was campaigning for Evaristo Roberto Candia Ortega, who decided to put the disturbing photo on Twitter in hopes of finding the boy.

According to Ortega, the team had spoken to neighbors, and they said the boy's parents are drug addicts who often put the boy in the cage because they don't want to take care of him.

Ugh, let's hope the police find these horrible parents! And good on the campaign team for getting involved, and for Ortega too. He sounds like a good man. Vote for him! (If you're in his district, that is!)

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Now police MUST find this poor boy and his dog. They say they are aware of the issue and doing everything they can to find the couple.


Image via marc falardeau/Flickr

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