Woman Falsely Accuses Cop of Sexual Harassment & It's Caught on Video (WATCH)

We've seen enough videos of police officers doing horrid things to know that there are some bad apples. But occasionally it's good to get a glimpse of what the cop has to put up with -- because you know there are bad apples in the civilian population too. And this cop happened to run into one -- oh, boy, did he! Albuquerque, New Mexico, officer Jared Frazier pulled over 23-year-old Deanna Griego for suspected DWI. And she tried every trick in the book to get out of it. When that didn't work, she went ahead and decided to try and make life very difficult for Frazier. She accused him of molesting her in the police car.


First, Griego tries to "charm" her way out of her DWI by saying she's going to school to become a cop (let's hope this isn't true!). When that fails to impress him, she tries to explain away her slurred speech by saying she has a speech impediment. The cop keeps his cool and says he understands.

But things take a turn for the darker at the police station. Earlier, Frazier's lapel cam had caught Griego slipping her cellphone into her bra. She asks to go to the bathroom, and while she's in there, Frazier can hear her talking on the phone.

Audio catches her saying, "How can I get this officer in trouble?" When Frazier confronts her and says she can't be talking on the phone, she tries the worst tactic yet. Check it out:

OMG, can you believe her?! There is apparently nothing this woman won't say or do to get her way. Chilling.

Luckily, Frazier is able to put her in her place by telling her everything has been videotaped. Good thing, or maybe this man would have had his life ruined because of a disgusting lie.

The cops say they are not even going to prosecute her for lying about such an egregious thing, because they don't want women who were REALLY the victims of sexual abuse to be afraid to come forward.

This gives some scary insight into the types of people cops have to deal with.


Image via KOB4

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