'Annoyed' Father Arrested for Throwing Baby in Lethal Fit of Rage (VIDEO)

A man is charged with murder after he reportedly admitted to throwing his "fussy" baby hard onto a changing table, which resulted in a lethal brain injury. The man, 24-year-old David Redmond from Vancouver, Washington, reportedly told police he had abused his son every few days -- and the baby died at 6 weeks old! This baby sounds like he didn't stand a chance, not with a father like this.


The baby, who was already born premature, had managed to survive his low 3 pounds, 14 ounces birth weight -- but not his father. What on Earth could cause any human being to even be a little rough with a baby this delicate, let alone allegedly throw the baby from seven to nine feet away so hard onto a changing table that he had a skull fracture and bleeding inside the skull?!

Well, according to Redmond, he was "annoyed" because the baby was crying so hard. According to court documents, Redmond told police:

I threw him pretty hard. I was pretty annoyed.

Annoyed?! So babies can be annoying, they cry. That is what babies do. That does NOT mean you throw them!

Ugh, and even Redmond's mom is excusing her son's behavior, saying:

Our son out of exhaustion hurt our baby grandson. The baby died. Our son is not [the] monster that the news station and papers would like you to believe.

Out of exhaustion?! This wasn't just a momentary burst of frustration. Reportedly, there was a long history of abuse that went on pretty much since the day the baby was born, including spanking the baby to the point of bruising when he was just a week old. A week old! Who spanks a week-old infant?!

Reportedly, the baby's mother, Ashley, is "totally blindsided" by what happened.

This is so tragic, this poor little baby deserved so much more than a mere six weeks on this planet, and most of that allegedly filled with pain and abuse.


Image via CX2/Flickr

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