12-Year-Old Adopted Boy Molests 6 Siblings But Parents Won’t Give Up on Him (VIDEO)

Parents who have four biological children and three adopted are suing the state of Washington because one of their adopted kids, a 12-year-old boy, was convicted of molesting all of their other children. The parents say that the Department of Social and Health Services knew about the boy's troubled past and that he had a history of similar incidents. But the parents claim the department never told them about it. Now the boy is court-ordered to live in a separate home, and the parents pay for it because they don't want to "abandon" their son.


The couple, who would only give their first names, Trish and Steven, said they first caught on to what was happening when their 8-year-old began making sexual gestures. According to the couple, the child then told them that this is what the 12-year-old boy had done to him.

Shocked, Trish began questioning her other children -- and they all said the boy had molested them too. The children apparently said they thought it was okay since the adopted sibling was not an adult.

The couple began digging around in the child's history and say they uncovered similar behavior at previous homes, and in one home, the boy was not even allowed to be in the same room as younger children.

The couple say they have adopted the boy and have no intention of just "throwing him away" and want to continue parenting him while helping him. However, they say he can't live with them in the meanwhile and put their other children in harm's way.

"He's still our son," says Steve.

They say the boy now lives with his adoptive father's parents, and the couple pay for the house.

Wow, this poor couple. And this poor boy. Who knows what he has been through to make him act like this. Of course, perhaps he is hardwired this way -- and nothing will change him. But someone needs to find out if he can be helped. Someone needs to try. And it sounds like this couple are going to do that.

And to do that they will need help. They did not expect to have to pay for two homes. The state should help out, provided that the boy really did have a history of this behavior and the state knew about it.

How crushing for these parents, who were only trying to do the right thing. And it sounds like they will continue to do that.

What would you do?


Image via KIRO 7

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