Mom Takes 8-Month-Old Baby to Armed Robbery & Drives Getaway Car

It's so difficult to find a good babysitter these days -- even when all you want to do is escape for two or three hours and rob a bank in peace. Tanya Miller, a 30-year-old mom of four from England, found the perfect solution: she brought her eight-month-old daughter with her to commit an armed robbery, alongside her boyfriend and an accomplice. 


Miller reportedly kept her baby girl in a carseat while she took control as the driver of the group's getaway car. Meanwhile, her accomplice Kevin Docherty allegedly entered a bank and threatened a teller's life with a 12-inch knife. In return, he demanded $5,000 cash -- not that I'm advocating robbing banks for a living, but this amount does not seem at all worth the risk.

With her baby strapped in the backseat, Miller reportedly sped off, helping Docherty escape the crime scene.

Docherty was sentenced to seven years in prison. And Miller and her lover, Barry Doswell, reportedly got six years each after she pleaded guilty before her trial.

What's really nuts about this story is that it isn't the first time this has happened. Remember when 22-year-old mom Bianca Henderson drove a getaway car in Hollywood with her one-year-old son in the back? Or the Atlanta couple that got busted committing two armed robberies in one weekend with their baby beside them the whole time in a stroller?

It's impossible for most of us to imagine what goes through these moms' minds when they take such huge risks with their children, but my guess is that they are so embedded within a criminal lifestyle that they no longer differentiate between illegal and legal activities.

Why do you think a mom would bring her baby to commit an armed robbery?


Image via Cumbria Police Department


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