Dad Arrested After Letting His 8-Year-Drive SUV & They Crash (VIDEO)

A father is being charged on multiple counts after he let his 8-year-old boy take over the steering wheel of his jeep while sitting on his lap. While this might sound like the kind of thing we all did as a kid for a few seconds here or there -- it's not safe to do it at all, and it's certainly not safe to do while you're allegedly drunk. Frank Gordon Conway, 46, was driving near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was allegedly drunk doing it, when he allowed his little boy to sit on his lap and command the steering wheel. It didn't end well.


First, the little boy reportedly drove through several front yards. While you think this would be enough to make the dad realize this was the dumbest idea ever and take the wheel back -- nope. The little boy continued to hold on to the steering wheel but also apparently had his feet on the pedals too. Reportedly, he hit the wrong pedal, the Grand Cherokee suddenly accelerated, and the car hit a tree.

Not only that, it sounds like there was no seat belt involved, because the boy was reportedly left with chest and face injuries.

The boy was then rushed to a hospital, and it was there that police first questioned the allegedly intoxicated dad, who reportedly told them he saw no issue with letting his 8-year-old drive his SUV.

The father has been charged with child endangerment and reckless endangerment among other things. You only wish you could charge for stupid.

Thankfully this little boy didn't injure himself more, and it's very fortunate the two didn't plow into another vehicle and kill someone.

Have you ever let your kids take the wheel, even for a moment?


Image via Karlis Dambrans/Flickr

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