Man Admits to Beating 4-Year-Old Boy to Death Because He Wouldn't Nap

In January 2013, a 4-year-old boy named Adonis Reed was found alone and dead at his godmother's house on Long Island, New York, where he lived with her and her companion, 34-year-old Jonathan Thompson. Just days later, police had a suspect in custody -- Thompson -- who they said punched the child so hard, he lacerated his liver. Two years later, the man has finally spoken -- and reportedly admitted he is guilty of beating this poor boy to death because he refused to nap.


From what it sounds like, Adonis already had a tough life. According to police, his mother had fallen on hard times and was unable to care for him, so she placed him and his older sister -- who was 6 at the time -- in the care of his godmother, Lakisha Pitt.

Instead of having empathy for the little boy, Pitt's boyfriend Thompson reportedly became so frustrated with him one day that he punched Adonis twice in the stomach, tearing his liver and bruising his kidneys, heart, and lungs. And all because he was acting like a typical child and refusing to take a nap. Horrific.

How, how, HOW can a grown man or woman become so angry at a child that he or she literally commits murder? Another aspect of this case that I find mystifying is that neighbors say Adonis and his sister always looked happy and well cared for. As far as we know, his sibling -- who is in protective custody -- never spoke to police about other abuses either she or Adonis had endured at the hands of the suspect. Did he just suddenly snap and explode? How does something like this just happen?

Thompson entered his guilty plea as jury selection was about to begin. Judge Barbara Kahn has reportedly agreed to sentence the man to 15 years to life in prison at his sentencing on November 17.

Why do you think this man would kill this little boy just for refusing to nap?


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