Dad Shoots His 3 Children While Mom Pleads for Help From Neighbor (VIDEO)

A horrible tragedy out of Florida today. A man reportedly killed two of his children, critically injured another one, and then killed himself. Police say David Mohney, 52, of Port Orange, got into an argument with his wife, who then ran to a neighbor's home for help after he threatened her with a gun. A short time later, she heard gunshots. Police would arrive to find all three of her children, ranging in age from 9 to 14, shot. Her husband had then turned the gun on himself.


Police say that a 14-year-old girl, Savanna, is dead, as is her 11-year-old brother, David. Lauren, who is 9, is clinging to life in a hospital.

I can only imagine the panic the mom must have felt as she realized she needed to get help as quickly as possible and thought the best way to do that would be to run out of the house herself, leaving her children behind. She probably never imagined he would hurt the kids -- but only wanted to hurt her.

For her to then realize that he shot all of her children -- ugh, she may second-guess her decision to leave the house for the rest of her life. But no one is responsible for this tragedy except the father himself.

Police say that the couple had had one domestic disturbance call in the past. Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson said:

It's basically a cowardly event. If you want to commit suicide, then commit suicide. But to shoot children, that's cowardly.

Yes, not only cowardly, but horrific. Shooting anyone is bad enough, but to turn the gun on innocent children -- children who love you and expect you to be the one person in the world who will protect them? Beyond unfathomable.

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Unfortunately, too many parents use their children to get back at each other, and killing them is the most unforgivable way this is done.

Thankfully, Lauren is alive and hopefully will pull through. This poor mom's life has been changed for the worse forever.

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