Nanny Caught Abusing Twins Babies After 8-Year-Old Brother Alerts Mom (VIDEO)

nanny abusing twins

One of the more difficult things to do when becoming a parent is finding child care you can trust -- just allowing another person into your home to care for your children is difficult and filled with guilt and concern. Many of us find excellent babysitters and nannies and never have to worry, but some discover that the person they hired to care for their kids isn't doing their job correctly. A mom of twins watched in horror at the videotape of the nanny she trusted to care for her 1-year-old babies shake, drag, and repeatedly put her hand over both babies' mouths while holding down their legs. Her 8-year-old son told her of the abuse.


The nanny, Dana Cash, was hired from trusted site by a Fontana, California, mom who wishes to remained anonymous. The mom did share the video and her story. Her 8-year-old son told his mom that the sitter was abusing his 1-year-old brother and sister. The mom then checked the nanny cam and discovered her worst fears.

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Seeing the anger in the babysitter's face when these abuses were happening is frightening. She shook the baby so violently, it's troubling to watch. You can see she also drags one child by the arm and repeatedly puts her hand over the children's mouths while also forcefully holding down their legs. 

The mom showed the video to the nanny. She shared that this is what happened next:

She puts her head down and says, 'I made a mistake.' I said, 'That's not a mistake. That's not a mistake you're allowed to make.'

Cash was fired and then arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Though she is out on bail -- meaning she could be out there looking for more work and hired by another family. The mother said:

It took all of me not to want to physically hurt her. I'm angry inside, and I'm hurt and part of me feels guilty because I hired her.

I think this is making anyone who trusts another to care for their kids want to install a nanny cam. 

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Nancy Bushkin, spokesperson for, released this statement regarding the incident:

We are deeply troubled by this incident and our thoughts are with the family. The safety of the community is of paramount importance to us and we have implemented a number of safety features to help families find quality care providers and create a safe environment for all of our members. We will be reaching out to local authorities to assist them in any way we can.

We know -- we hope -- that this isn't a widespread issue with all caretakers. There are so many wonderful and loving sitters and nannies who end up becoming like family. Still, hearing a story like this rattles the trust. Dana Cash, however, needs help -- she has anger issues she needs to work out before she cares for any more children, and I hope she gets the help she needs. Thank goodness those children weren't hurt worse than they were. And thank goodness that 8-year-old spoke up to alert his mom of what was going on. It's clear that even as young as 8, he has taken on the role of protective big brother.

Does this story make you concerned about the person caring for your kids?

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