18-Year-Old Dumps Toddler With Heroin Addict So She Can Be 'a Normal Teen'

An 18-year-old girl from St. Louis apparently got tired of being a mom and longed for her life as "a normal teen" back. She reportedly abandoned her 16-month-old son and gave him to someone she allegedly knew was a heroin addict, then claimed the woman kidnapped her child so she could get herself out of trouble.

Desiree Ann-Marie Cozzoni reportedly decided it was within her right to take matters into her own hands and draw up papers -- that weren't looked at by a lawyer or anything, of course -- giving the addict permission to take her child. The heroin user lost custody of her own children and was living in motels when Cozzoni handed over her toddler as if he were a sandwich.


Cozzoni often stayed with the woman, according to police, and reportedly knew her as someone who bought heroin each day and often used it in front of her and her son. After leaving her toddler, the teen reportedly changed her phone number to keep the woman from contacting her.

Maybe Cozzoni came to her senses because at some point between drawing up the documents for the woman last month and now, she allegedly called police and gave them a bogus story about how the woman had kidnapped her son.

Cops charged the teen with making a false report, endangering the welfare of a child, and -- after finding a pipe with marijuana residue in her purse -- unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. She has since been released on $2,500 bail and is reportedly having supervised visits with her son, whom she says she wants back.

It's unclear who has custody of the child right now, but it's possible Cozzoni's grandparents will take the little boy, and as part of the custody agreement, the teen will not be allowed to live at the same residence. 

I'm not saying this teen should never get her son back, but she certainly has a lot of growing up to do -- and possibly a few psychologists to talk with -- before she should be allowed to care for her child. Her judgment is clearly questionable, and even more than jail time, she needs help so she can be the mom this little boy deserves.

What consequence do you feel this mom should get for giving her child away to a known heroin user?


Image via St. Charles Police Department

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